What is e-Explicit Consent?

According to GDPR, explicit consent is defined as “any freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous declaration of consent”. In the Constitution, it was emphasized as the prerequisite to process personal data by stating “Personal data is regulated only in cases stipulated by the law or with the express consent of the individual”.

Explicit consent, as per GDPR, is one of the reasons for compliance with the law in terms of both sensitive and non-sensitive personal data.

GDPR stipulates the explicit declaration of consent for the processing of sensitive and non-sensitive personal data, and for the transfer of personal data in and out of the country.

e-Explicit Consent with Melasoft GDPR Portal

  • With Melasoft GDPR Portal, you can create consent forms with the drag and drop function to your customers, vendors, employees and all partners and e-mail this text to the addressee.

  • You can send reminders for correspondances left unanswered for a certain period of time.

  • You can report the responses and transfer to your SAP system. You can delete and anonymize the data according to the responses transferred to the SAP system.

  • You can obligate document with wet signature over the Portal, or you can save the consent information in the transaction history by storing the sent file.

  • All of our documents are stored on the Amazon platform.

  • We also declare the maximum time required for the purpose of processing personal data when applying for registration in the Data Controllers Registry, in accordance with Article 16 of the relevant Law.

Withdrawing Explicit Consent with Melasoft GDPR Portal

  • Your partners may give feedback over Melasoft GDPR Portal and request their information to be deleted, or declare that they wish to remain anonymous.