Melasoft e-Account Statement

The e-Account Statement solution developed by Melasoft Information Technologies enables service setup between your bank and the SAP system, and allows your bank account information to be sent to your SAP system with a secure “https” connection.


  • You no longer need to remember your username and password for each bank. 

  • We simplify complex processes with our user-friendly interface. 

  • You will able to save time and have the opportunity to perform your financial transactions reliably. 

SAP integration

With the integration between electronic bank statement and SAP accounting, accounting records will be completed more quickly. It also allows automatic accounting of bank transactions. 

  • It works fully integrated with your SAP system. 

  • You can easily review your bank accounts in your SAP system. 

  • You can make bank reconciliations by comparing bank balances and SAP balances.


  • Service-based e-Account Statement can capture instant account transactions by
    accessing online bank web services from your SAP system.

  • You can access your bank records for the specified date range through a single interface.

  • It allows you to use different e-Account Statement services offered by each bank in a single format.

  • With Melasoft e-Account Statement (Online Bank Integration), you can access all of your corporate bank accounts online at the same time.

  • With Melasoft e-Account Summary solution you can access all of your corporate bank accounts without using separate usernames and passwords. You can view all the data which corporate internet banking solutions provides.

  • Bank statements and accounting records can be compared on a transaction-based or daily/monthly basis. Differences between bank statements and accounting records
    can be reported.

  • Account statement data can be transferred online from all banks in Turkey and in the EU to the company’s SAP system.

  • You can optimize your financial processes by accessing cash status/flow reports easily and save time

SAP Screens

Why Melasoft e-Account Statement?

  • You can access accurate and up to date data any time.

  • You can perform your banking transactions faster.

  • It is fully integrated with SAP and you can monitor your accounts within SAP.

  • You can keep the data up-to-date.

  • It lets you view your accounts and keep accounting records online and automatically.

  • You don’t need to login to each banking solution by using different username and passwords.

  • You can compare bank account and SAP balances thanks to the automatic Bank Reconciliation feature.

  • User-friendly screens provide great convenience to your Finance/Accounting personnel.

  • Thanks to Melasoft e-Account Statement, you can keep your accounting records
    automatically and save time by accessing all of your bank accounts through a single screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can get up-to-date data within your SAP system instantly

Accounting records can be kept correctly for customer/seller accounts by confirming
unique TIN, National ID or IBAN.

Melasoft e-Account Statement Solution allows you to check your banking
transactions instantly. It keeps your accounting records automatically for the

Yes, accounting process can be performed either automatically or manually.

Yes, it has national and international certification.

Yes, you can prepare reports for specified date ranges.

No, it also works on non-SAP platforms. Therefore, it can be integrated with other
systems. It can also be used via Melarecon Portal.

Melasoft e-Account Statement Solution can either be integrated on cloud or on

All of the banks in Turkey. For different countries, every bank which met required
standards can be integrated to the solution. It is also possible to integrate other
banks with additional development.

In case of a bank transaction in a different currency for current accounts working in a
certain currency, automatic arbitrage can be applied to the desired currency
depending on the adaptation.

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